A perfect partnership

Crust & Crumb Bakery is the creation of two best friends turned partners, Brittni Weger & Summer Chaffman.  Beginning in 2015, the two sat down and began orchestrating a life dream to run their own business.  With Brittni's extraordinary and unique baking skills and Summer's knack for entrepreneurship and managing a business, the two realized what a perfect team they would be in developing their own bakery shop.  

Another attractive aspect was both of their ties to the Scottsville community.  Brittni had already made a name for herself and her baked goods at the Scottsville Farmers Market over the past several years where she and her boyfriend Brandon sell produce from their farm in Buckingham called Old Man River Farm.  Eventually, Brittni became quite popular for her European style loaves, baguettes and ciabattas as well as her old fashioned bagels and pies that she would also offer alongside the farm's produce.  Summer became very well known and respected amongst the Scottsville community as an outgoing and energetic face of a business during the time thst she managed the office and tasting room at James River Brewery for several years.  In addition she's enjoyed volunteering for the Scottsville Museum and James River Association last year, participating in the annual trash pickup  and coordinating volunteers for the Scottsville visitor center too.

A location just roughly a mile and a half outside of Scottsville on Route 6 East was chosen as the best for trying to start up their business in a shop built decades ago as a small general store.  Adams Home Renovations helped tremendously to see the partners' renovation and design ideas come to fruition as they did the majority of building improvements necessary to turn the little shop into a more suitable bakery environment. 

The girls' goal has been and continues to be to serve locals, visitors to the area and those merely passing through on the Route 6 corridor & beyond some delicious and unique products in a quaint off the beaten path setting.  They truly love their community and will work hard to make their business a positive addition to it for years to come while also being able to realize their own dreams of creating exactly the kind of business they want to.  After a year and a half, Brittni & Summer have truly appreciated what it takes to keep the doors open on a small business and realized the necessity to always keep an open mind to what's working, what isn't and how that needs to be applied as you grow and learn if you are going to succeed.  They've gone from being open 4 days a week to 6 and will most likely start opening 7 days a week in the near future.  They've had to learn what products are worth making and which aren't, how to logistically handle adding more options into an already small space,  what products customers prefer overall (Sandwiches are probably the best seller - but maybe that's a toss up with the housemade pimento cheese!), added a very popular specialty pizza night on Tuesdays and more breakfast options Wednesdays-Sundays such as breakfast tacos and breakfast sandwiches cooked to order on sweet potato biscuits or housemade focaccia or sourdough depending on day of the week it is!

Contact Us

CRust & crumb bakery


1671 W River Road

Scottsville, VA 24590

Phone: (434) 960-4444



TUESDAYS: 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Please note that we do pizza orders from 4PM-8PM - we stop making sandwiches at 4:00 PM

WED-FRI  9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

SAT-SUN  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM