Best professional hair dryers

We are figuring out which professional hair dryer is better to buy in 2019, given the difference between pro models and ordinary household devices. To get additional details, view here: Best Lightweight Hair Dryers

Professional and so-called household hair dryers, which are mostly presented in stores, are very different from each other. When choosing a hairdryer even for home use, we advise you to give preference to professional devices that are used in hairdressing salons.

How to choose a professional hair dryer

So that you can distinguish the same pro-hair dryer from the usual one, pay attention to the following parameters.

AC motor and power

A professional appliance must withstand long hours of work - a hairdryer in the salon uses a hairdryer much more often than any home user, so the styling device should be as reliable as possible. This reliability can only be provided by an AC motor, which is designated as an AC motor. On the contrary, in household hair dryers, a DC motor is often used. As for the power, pro-models must have at least 2000 watts. At the same time, a professional hairdryer of 2200 W will be more productive than a household device with a similar power - all because the AC motor creates a strong air flow and dries hair faster.


If home hair dryers can be supplied without attachments at all, then a professional hair dryer cannot be imagined without a concentrator - this is a special accessory that helps to reduce the area of the air flow and thereby increase its intensity. The Narrow Concentrator helps dry hair faster and style by directing air to the desired area. Also, a diffuser - a round nozzle with spikes can be supplied with a pro-hair dryer. It is used to dry thick hair or curls and to add root volume.

Cold mode

Any professional device should have a cold blowing mode. It allows you to fix the styling - due to the sharp temperature drop, the hair retains the shape set by the stylist longer. Household hair dryers can also have a cold setting, but they are usually not as cold as professional ones. The instantaneous temperature drop in the airflow, again, can only be provided by the AC motor.

Long cord

Models used by stylists must have a long power cable so that the stylist can move freely around the client during styling. For ease of use, we recommend choosing between models with a cord length of 1.8 meters.

Thermostat and airflow speed setting

When deciding which professional hair dryer to choose, also pay attention to its operating modes. There should be several of them - so that the stylist can combine different air flow and temperature. At least two or three temperature settings and two blowing speeds.


This technology is used not only in curling irons and irons , but also in professional hair dryers. It allows you to dry your hair without overheating it, and also removes the electrostatic charge from unruly curls. Ionization is realized through the use of ceramic elements in the design of the hair dryer - when heated, this material produces negative ions. The presence of such technology in a pro-hair dryer is not necessary, but it is very desirable and useful.